How To Screen Your Vacation Rental Guests

Screening your prospective tenants is imperative to have a positive renting experience. There are a lot of factors that you must consider in order to make sure you are letting your home to the right people. Putting in some efforts upfront can save you a lot of time, money and hassles eventually. Below are some questions that you need to ask before accepting a booking for your vacation rental home:

  • Ask all the important questions: It is impoCorpus Christi Rental Homesrtant to ask specific and open-ended questions to the prospective tenants. It is essential to know about the number of family members who will be coming to stay in your vacation home. You may include questions such as:
  1. What is the purpose of the trip?
  2. What is the duration of your stay?
  3. How many people will be staying in the house?
  4. Will there be any kids?
  5. Do you smoke?
  • Research important information on the Internet: Research about a specific renter can be done online to clear any doubts that you might have. For instance, try to find his/her residential address through area code lookup or try ‘Reverse Phone Number’ and ‘Reverse Address’ searches to confirm if the information provided by them is correct.
  • Be honest: It is important to reveal all the details about your vacation rental home while screening prospective guests. Not hiding the flaws and drawbacks will help in developing mutual trust between both the parties, which is crucial for a pleasant tenancy. Also, being honest will make the tenants more forthcoming in providing all the information requested by you.
  • Don’t ask for too many details: While it is important to conduct thorough background checks, you don’t need to go overboard while asking questions from the tenants. It is acceptable to ask for information such as name, address, number of pets and check-in dates and check-out dates. However, there is no requirement of conducting intrusive credit checks and other financial verification. Asking for too much information may keep away potential guests causing your business harm in the longer run.

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Tips To Make Your Vacation Rental Feel Like Home

As a landlord, it is essential to keep the renters happy who are coming to stay in your vacation rental. The renters will return to your place again and again if they feel as comfortable and relaxed as they feel in their homes. For this, you need to combine the luxuries of a hotel with the comforts of a home.

Following are some simple steps that can be followed to make your vacation rental feel like home:

  • Pay special attention to cleanliness: PayinCorpus Christi Rental Homesg attention to minute details can spruce up the complete look of your rental home. Get your home thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaners to keep it spick and span. Cleaning is necessary after every tenant moves out of your vacation rental. Change the bed sheets and towels for showcasing a completely professional attitude. Also, get the carpets and curtains dry cleaned to make sure there is no dust around.
  • Create a welcoming décor: Make your home feel welcoming to entice the visitors and ensure that they return to your place during the next holiday season. Keep all the elements balanced with elegant and simple furniture pieces. Do not put up personal photographs or any memoirs related to your family. Stack away all the unnecessary clutter as this will make the rooms look more spacious.
  • Have a well-stocked kitchen: Most of the families that prefer to live in vacation rentals, often like to cook during the holidays. They will love if you give them a fully stocked kitchen with all the items required to prepare meals. Ensure that the kitchen has a dishwasher, a microwave oven, multiple pans and pots, ample spoons, baking sheets, dishwashing detergents etc. You can also keep spices and condiments along with plastic wraps and aluminum foil.
  • Make the bedroom comfortable: It is good to offer the guests ample storage space in the bedroom to make them feel at home. For this purpose, make sure there are a good amount of hangers in the closets along with empty drawers in all the bedrooms. Although televisions are not mandatory in all the rooms, but you need to have one in the master bedroom. Apart from fresh bedding, always keep extra pillows and blankets handy. Check all the lamps and fans to see if they are working properly.
  • Make the vacation rental smell nice: Make sure your rental home smells fresh but do not use strong room fresheners as these may cause allergies or overwhelm the visitors. Instead, keep the scents subtle and try to co-ordinate them with the interiors of your place. For instance, natural scents of rosemary, lemongrass or vanilla can be used as they are very pleasing to the senses.

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