How To Attract Business Travelers To Your Vacation Rental

Attracting business travelers can be a lucrative business option for vacation rental owners. They have no budget constraints and more than often they are repeat guests. Most of the business travelers look for vacation rentals that have a myriad of facilities such as good accommodation, Wi-Fi, parking space etc.

Below are certain tips that can help you pull business travelers to your vacation rental:

  • Have Provision For A Workspace: They are always on the lookout for a space where they can make important calls or use their laptop. Having a home office inside the property can be an attractive feature. You can even have a printer to make it more appealing for the guests. It is essential to have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for the convenience of the business travelers staying in your vacation rental.
  • Provide A Variety Of Facilities: It is best to provide the business travelers with as many amenities as possible. For instance, stack your bathroom with basic necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other important toiletries. Apart from this, pay attention to the bedding and cleanliness. You can even hire regular cleaning service while your guests are putting up so that cleanliness is not compromised even for a single day.
  • Have A Dressing Room: Since business travelers have a lot on their agenda and need to attend daily meetings, it is a good idea to have a dressing room in your vacation rental. If this is not possible, at least have a big, full-length mirror in your property. Other important items may include a steam cleaner, hair dryer and an iron.
  • Always Specify The Exact Location Of Your Property: From the business point of view, it is imperative that you mention the exact location of your property while advertizing it. In case your property is close to a popular place or landmark where most business travelers prefer to go, it may be a huge point of attraction. Describe the walking and driving distance to particular locations from your vacation rental so that business travelers know they will save time and money if they come to stay in your property.
  • Have Accessible Parking Options: Business travelers are usually in a hurry because they need to reach for meetings on time. Therefore, it is best to make parking easier and have the provision of sitting into a rental car the moment a business traveler steps out of the rental. You should consider paying for the parking spot in case you are in the city. The extra charges can be included in the rent but this is an important facility that you must provide if you want to attract business travelers.

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