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Features Of A Corporate Vacation Rental

Comfort, flexibility, economy, privacy and good food are the main attractions of corporate vacation rentals due to which many people prefer them over other forms of accommodation during business vacations. However, for a vacation rental to stand out from its competitors, there are some features it should include that are aimed at making the stay of a guest a memorable one.

Listed below are some features every corporate vacation rental should have:

  • Group-Friendly: Vacation rentals are ideal for business groups. It allows peers to conduct business discussions and other activities in a casual and relaxed environment without any time foundation.
  • Right Pricing: Most people choose corporate vacation rentals due to the fact that they are affordable. So, it is important to keep their pricing reasonable as that is what potential clients are looking for. A good way to determine the right pricing is to research the market and then decide a strategic price.
  • A Good Kitchen: A major advantage of booking a corporate vacation rental is the fact that guests get to cook their own food and save on the amount that would spend on eating out. So, a commercial vacation rental should have a well-equipped kitchen with adequate facilities for every target client e.g. kettle, coffee maker, fridge freezer, microwave, dishwasher, etc.
  • Technical Features: Technological updates are a must for corporate vacation rentals to stand out and do well in the rental market. It is important to keep up with the latest technological trends and provide adequate facilities for the same in the form of charging docks, a fast internet connection, entertainment options and more.
  • Furnishing: Invest on good quality furnishings and special touches to stand out from the rest and hit the right chord with your guests. Pay attention to bed linen, cleanliness, decorations, window treatments, mattress quality and the like. Define a style for your vacation rental by investing in good quality furniture, offering plenty of storage, using the latest lighting features and experiment with the latest furnishing styles.
  • A Management System: Have a proper management system for tackling emergency situations, property management, payment of rent, communicating with clients and more. Invest in rental software to help with the technicalities of managing vacation rentals such as booking, inquiries, payments, advertizing, automating communication, making reservations, managing calendars, managing listings, scheduling cleaning and tasks, creating financial reports, checking check-ins and check-outs and more.

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