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Reasons To Make Your Vacation Rental Pet Friendly

It can be safely assumed that pet lovers would like to take their pets along when travelling. Naturally, they will prefer pet friendly vacation rentals. If you are looking for ways to maximize profits out of your vacation rentals, here is why making it pet friendly will help you achieve this goal.

1. Fewer Vacancies
By making your vacation rental pet friendly, you can be sure that your property will be filled quickly throughout the year. So it’s best to catch up with the trend of pet friendly rentals to keep your vacation rental full at most times.

2. Generate More Income
If you own a pet friendly vacation rental, you are more likely to make more rent than those with rentals that don’t accommodate pets. This is because your property will be in greater demand and you get higher security and pet deposits. Higher bookings eventually translate into higher revenue from your vacation rental. Pet owners will flock to your vacation rental if you mention that you are open to housing dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other pets.

3. Good Reputation
One great way in which any business expands is by word of mouth. Making a vacation rental pet friendly ensures your guests are content and happy. Having a stress free experience will increase their chances of spreading the word about your rental to others. So it’s a great way to build a good reputation with new clients and keep attracting old ones.

4. Stand Out From The Crowd
By making your vacation rental pet friendly, you are establishing your unique selling point. Specializing in an offbeat concept that shall put you in the limelight and make you stand out. By providing unique amenities for the pets that accompany the travelers, you are carving a niche for yourself that will set you on the path to success.

5. Less Damage And Less Costs
Make your vacation rental a pet friendly one, you earn more revenue and incur fewer costs. Owners of pet friendly vacation rentals receive damage deposits from pet owners that gives them ample funds to tackle damages (if any). Some precautions you can take to ensure you spend less on damages by pets and make more profits are:

• Use baby gates to block off areas that you do not want the pets to have access to
• Lock low lying cabinets that might carry toxic cleaning supplies
• Provide chew toys so that they don’t chew your furniture.
• Supply pet food and water bowls
• Provide waste baggies and inform the residents of nearby dog parks or walking trails if any.

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The Growing Trend Of Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Many people who own pets consider them as a part of their family and indulge in most activities with their pets, especially when taking a vacation. Leaving their pet at a pet care facility is not opted by many and they are willing to pay the extra amount to get their pet along. The trend of vacationing with pets is fast gaining popularity and poses a big business opportunity which should not be missed.

People are traveling with their pets more often thaCorpus Christi Rental Homesn they ever did which has surged the need to make the vacation rentals pet friendly. Hotel owners and luxury vacation rentals are fast realizing this trend and are striving to deliver pet friend solutions to their patrons. If you are a vacation rental owner you should consider making your rental home pet friendly in order to increase your customer base. In an effort to keep up with the demands of the changing times and remain in business some changes in policies are required.

Pets, particularly dogs, establish a very tight and close bond with their owners. Leaving a pet alone for a long time can have adverse affect on their health as they keep anticipating their master’s return. Given that 62 % of American households have at least one pet setting up a vacation rental that allows pets may see a lot more business. Some vacation rentals also offer a place where animals have a proper place to stay without disrupting the owners sleep. In some resorts they also supply extra comforts for the pets which can include beds, bowls, toys, treats and leash. They may also provide a set of pet supplies on rent if the pet owner doesn’t want to use their own pet set. If a vacation rental is pet friendly they also offer help and care for the pet in case the owner wants to leave the pet behind when sightseeing.

With the growing trend of owning pets and vacationing with them, it is a highly lucrative business opportunity to make your vacation rental pet friendly. You will have more customers who are most likely to be more responsible. However it is advisable to have certain rules and regulations regarding the pet along with ‘payment of damages caused by pet’ clause in the agreement.