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Ways To Market Your Vacation Rental To Families

Families who love to travel always prefer to stay at a place which feels like home. Vacation rentals are becoming a popular choice amongst families in this regard. If you are keen on tapping opportunities of attracting families towards your vacation rental, here are some ways in which you can do so

1. Sleeping Arrangements
A family is more likely to opt for a vacation rental that offers adequate and versatile sleeping arrangements for all age groups. Invest in smart furniture that’s easy to fold or expand as required. Keep a crib handy too. Devote a room for kids and furnish it with cute bunk beds.

2. Easy Maintenance
Keep in mind that no one wants to end up spending a large chunk of vacation time in cleaning. Offering your clients a rental that’s easy and quick to clean is a bonus for the family. They would love it. Keep basic cleaning supplies handy in case of a mess by kids. These include items like tissues, chemical free sprays, clean and fresh towels etc. Also provide appliances like a dishwasher and a washing machine.

3. The Safety Factor
Families with kids will prioritize safety over everything else. So cater to that in any way you can. Secure the balconies if any, fence the swimming pool, install stairway gates for toddlers etc. When parents feel that a place is safe for their kids, they know it’s a place they can count on for maximum relaxation and unwinding.

4. Offer A Guidebook
A family friendly guidebook is the best gift for your clients. You will do them a big favor by letting them know about family friendly activities in the area. Examples of areas worth mentioning are picnic spots, beaches, museums, places to dine, supermarkets, pharmacies etc.

5. Entertainment For Kids
A great way of attracting families to your rental is to provide kid friendly entertainment. Things like good books, board games, puzzles and DVDs can keep kids busy for hours at a stretch. You can also install a playpen for babies. Parents will love you!

6. The Extra Touch
Small thoughtful gestures go a long way in securing more bookings for your family rental. Keep a few practical items such as non-slip bath mats, night lights, high chairs etc. Mentioning the availability of such items in your listing description or informing enquiring clients of the same, gives away a message that you have put in some thought and effort into ensuring they are comfortable.

7. Outdoor Space
A vacation rental that integrates the indoor and outdoor is something families will appreciate. Private pools, an outdoor grill, an amazing view, patios etc. are example of some of the most sought after features in family vacation rentals.

Questions To Ask About A Corpus Christi Vacation Rental

Tourists are now opting for rental homes over hotels for their vacations as they provide more space, independence, privacy and also turn out to be economical. While there may be many options to choose from, there are some questions one may ask to make an informed decision:

  • Confirm location: When you are selecting thCorpus Christi Rental Homese vacation home, make sure you just do not rely on the map. Call up the owners and ask vital questions like access to beach, is it in the heart of the town, is it as close to the public transport as mentioned in the brochure etc. These things will help you plan your itinerary in a more efficient manner.
  • Cancellation policy: This makes more sense for vacation homes as hotels have clearly laid out cancellation policies. If an emergency crops up, you must be sure the time frame within which you can cancel your booking so your deposit can be refunded.
  • Access to amenities: Check beforehand what all amenities, equipment and facilities you can use during your stay. Access to swimming pool, patio and terrace must be provided so you can have a relaxing stay. Also ask if there are baby cots or beach equipment already present in the home, so that you can pack accordingly.
  • Housekeeping: Check how often the property is cleaned. Make sure the housekeeping charges are included in the rent payment. Particularly when traveling with kids, ensure that hygiene of the place is being taken care of.
  • Check surroundings: You may also check the tourist attractions and amenities available near the rental home. For instance, you should check if there are shops, restaurants, shopping malls etc. accessible from the home.
  • Emergency contacts: You must know whom to call and what to do in case of any emergency. The numbers should all be in place so that the owner can be immediately informed if there is an urgent need.
  • Is the place child and pet friendly: Ensure that the owner of the vacation home allows pets if you are planning to take one. Also check if the place is child proof. For instance, if there is a staircase, pool or expensive breakable items then they must be flagged beforehand to avoid causing any damage to the property.
  • Extra perks: Check if there is a gym inside the home which you can use or there is a facility of sauna or hot tub. Ask for additional amenities that the owner may be willing to provide to make your stay more comfortable.Renting a vacation home can be a good experience if you have done your homework right. If you are looking for a vacation rental home in Corpus Christi, TX, feel free to contact The Rental Management Company at (361) 949 – 9050.