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Things To Consider Before Renting A Vacation Home

Many people today are on the lookout for exotic places where they can spend some quality time. No wonder they are looking forward to vacation homes in this regard which include Single-Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhouses etc. This has led to a spiraling increase in their demand. If you are also looking for a vacation rental home, consider the following points before going ahead:

Begin Your Search Early

The prerequisite for any trip would be to book a trip in advance so that you do not have to face any hassles of availability. Determine the place you would like to stay in, one near a beach or that lies in the heart of the city. It would be a wise decision not to opt for the peak season as it may involve unnecessary expenses. At the same time, a person who does not like crowded places should definitely go in for the lean season to enjoy fully. You should preferably try to book the place at least six months in advance to get the best possible deals. Some people even believe in booking a year before. While this may seem excessive, keep in mind that vacation rentals usually book up fast.

Consider Online Property Listings

You can try looking for vacation homes on different websites. As people seek more vacation homes, they have increased the profitability of such places. With this, there has been a rapid explosion in the upcoming of numerous websites which offer you every kind of information you desire. They contain an exhaustive list of available properties. You can visit all of them, have a look at the rental homes the facilities they provide, the prices charged and then finally decide which home to finalize.

Read The Whole Rental Agreement

Unfortunately, most people often overlook the importance of the rental agreement which highlights the payment schedule as well as the liabilities to be paid in case of any damage. Make sure you check if there are any additional charges for internet, cable, phone service etc. Also be aware of the landlord’s policies regarding pets and subleasing. It is recommended to consider having the agreement paper looked over by a licensed attorney you trust once before signing it.

Read Guest Reviews

With the growing popularity of the internet, reading experiences of people online has become quite a norm. In fact it is quite important as there is an element of trust in it. Sometimes people will go the extra mile for price if the reviews are outstanding or worth considering. Positive reviews definitely push up the place you are looking for at the top of your wish list. You are sure to make the right decision if you consider doing this.

Apart from the above mentioned things, it is also recommended to keep a track of the following:

  • Always consider payment options when booking your vacation home. Paying by credit card vs. cash or check is the best way to go, because it’s the most convenient form of making transactions.
  • Seasonal rentals may require a large security deposit. Don’t forget to factor this into your budget. Also, be aware of the process by which your deposit will be returned.
  • Do take care of the housekeeping situation. Find out what the schedule is and who is responsible for the bill. You must also know how the property must be returned in for your security deposit to be refunded.
  • Make sure to get the contact number of your owner or landlord before beginning to enjoy your vacation.

A thorough and advanced planning can ensure a fun-filled as well as affordable holiday. Just make sure to follow the above mentioned tips and you can kick start your vacation comfortably!

Renting A Corpus Christi Vacation Home- Do’s And Don’ts

Vacation rental homes are an affordable alternative to hotel stays and offer a completely different holiday experience in Corpus Christi, TX. When you rent a vacation home, you can enjoy various comforts and perks that can make your stay even more comfortable. However, you must understand that the process of booking a vacation rental is a lot different than hotels and, hence should be handled carefully.

Given below are some do’s and don’ts that you need to follow while booking a vacation rental home in Corpus Christi:


  • Research Thoroughly: Assess your requiremCorpus Christi Rental Homesents in terms of the type of property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pet policy, kid-friendly amenities offered etc. You should know the exact location of the home that you are planning to rent. Check its proximity to various tourist spots, shopping malls and places of recreation. You can contact the landlord or the property management company to get these details.
  • Check The Amenities: Vacation rental homes may either be furnished with the basic amenities or equipped with all those that you may require during the stay. It is important to confirm these details before you make the booking. If you are expecting a dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, kitchen supplies etc., it is wise to be sure that the vacation home offers them all.
  • Read The Fine Print: Before signing the rental contract, you should have a complete knowledge of all the terms and conditions. Read the agreement carefully and make sure it includes all important details, such as the rent per day, check in and check out dates, amenities offered, pet policy, maintenance responsibilities etc. if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask the landlord.


  • Hide Personal Details: You should not hide any details while booking the vacation rental home. The number of people checking-in, age group of kids, any pets accompanying, duration of stay etc. is important for the landlord to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Make Last Minute Bookings: Book the rental home as early as you can, particularly if you are traveling during the holiday season. With this, you will not only be able to find a suitable property but also get sufficient time to clarify all your concerns with the landlord.

If you are looking for a vacation rental home in Corpus Christi, TX, contact The Rental Management Company. We offer a wide range of rental condos, single family units, townhomes and apartments across the city. For details, call us at (361) 949 – 9050.

Staging Checklist: Make Sure Your Vacation Rental Is Ready

Marketing your vacation rental is a crucial step to get it noticed by the potential renters. You need to provide an online listing equipped with relevant information regarding your property along with eye-catching pictures. However, apart from effectively marketing and maintaining your property, you need to stage it efficiently for the potential renters.

In order to leave a fantastic impression, follow the below given checklist to ensure your vacation rental is staged perfectly:

  • Invest wisely: Set the right theme while putting the Corpus Christi TX Rental Homesphotographs of your property in online listings. You need to invest in quality materials and use them in your vacation rental. For instance, buy high quality fabrics, furniture and other supplies before clicking the pictures. You can keep certain artifacts and other accessories to make the rental home look even more attractive.
  • Meet expectations shown online: Your vacation rental home must look exactly the same as it looks online. It is important to meet the expectations of your potential renters in terms of the complete look of the home, cleanliness levels, services as well as other accessories. Everything must be in place before your guests arrive.
  • Take care of small details: Minute but important items such as liquid soaps, shampoos, soaps or dish detergents must be bought in bulk beforehand. Refill all the half-used bottles before your guests arrive. Any perishable food items must be discarded and everything should seem to be absolutely new.
  • Make the home clutter-free: It is better to regularly clean and maintain your vacation rental so that any sort of clutter does not pile up during vacancies. Also, stack the books as well as DVDs in an organized manner and throw away items that are useless or have been left back by the previous guests.
  • Opt for neutral colors: Always opt for neutral shades when deciding to paint the walls or add accessories such as carpets, cushions or drapes. A neutral palette works best instead of choosing bright colors that may not be pleasing to everyone’s eyes.
  • Group the furniture effectively: Instead of just pushing all the furniture items against the walls, you can get creative while arranging it in your vacation rental home. Group the furniture effectively making sure it does not get in the way of walking.
  • Add-ons: You should make an extra effort for the day your guests are going to arrive. The add-ons can really make the guests feel at home instantly. For example, you can set fresh flowers or place a welcome letter for the guests to make them feel special.

We, at The Rental Management Company, can help you stage your vacation rental home effectively. For more information, you can call at (361) 949 – 9050.

Tips For A Seamless Vacation Rental Check-In Process

When a guest arrives at your vacation rental home, his first impression truly sets the tone of his entire holiday. As a host, it is important that you make his arrival a pleasant experience. You should take care of all the minute details to ensure your guest’s safety and a hassle free renting experience.

Following are the tips to make the check-in process seamless for the tenants:

  • Communicate the check-in timings: Always let your guests know Corpus Christi Rental Homesthe expected check-in timings. This will help your cleaning staff keep the place ready before their arrival. You can also request the tenants to stick to the said timings to ensure that they can check-in without any delay.
  • Keep all details ready: Check with your guests about when they are arriving and make sure that you or your representative is ready with all the required documents. Searching around in drawers or looking hassled when they are standing at the door, may not leave a good impression on the tenants.
  • Take care of the keys: Be it physical or electronic keys, ensure that the tenants are aware of the entire process of gaining entry into the home. If the home has a keyless entry system, email or text the code to the tenants well ahead of their arrival. Try to set the code that they can remember easily, such as the last four digits of their phone number.
  • Meet in person: Being personally available to meet the tenants may make them feel comfortable and confident that they have made a wise decision. Explain them all the unique features of your home and if there is any specific way to access them. You can also guide them on local sightseeing and traveling tips at the onset so they feel at home from the very start.
  • Assign a person to look after: If you do not stay in the same city as your rental home, do leave a property manager’s number with the guests so they can contact someone in case of emergency. They should not feel hassled or unaided if any repair or maintenance issue comes up.
  • Dos and Don’ts: If the guests have requested for some special amenities, make sure you inform them about the situation. You could also recommend alternatives in case you could not arrange what they had asked for. This will help them prepare in advance and pack things accordingly
  • Provide check-out details: It is best to inform the guests about the departure formalities just as they arrive. Check out timings, property inspections as well as other formalities should be communicated to them so that they can be mentally prepared and plan their departure time accordingly.

A smooth and relaxed stay will make your guests recommend your vacation home to others and will also increase the likelihood of repeat bookings.

We, at The Rental Management Company, can help to rent your vacation rental home in Corpus Christi, TX. For more information, you can call us at (361) 949 – 9050.

Beach Vacation Rentals: Basic Amenities And Features

A beach home is an exciting vacation rental option for many families. You get to explore the sea during the day and can unwind watching the sunset in a fantastic beach house at night. Whenever deciding on a particular beach house, you must consider the features and amenities offered so that you have a comfortable stay. Some of these have been discussed below:

Cost-effectiveness: Vacationing in a beach house should not be too heavy on your pocket. Therefore, opt for a bCorpus Christi Rental Homeseach rental that is affordable. If you are planning to take along more families with you, it can prove to be even more cost-effective. The rent can easily be divided and you can have an enjoyable holiday without spending a fortune.

Spectacular view: The most important thing you should look for in a beach rental is if it offers a sea view. Make sure there are at least two to three sea-facing bedrooms. The house should also have a rooftop, patio or a porch where you can sit and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Privacy: You can also opt for beach houses that offer their own private walk to the beach. Also, make sure the house is fully furnished. You should be able to enjoy the comfort of walking for miles on the beach or sit comfortably in your lounge chair and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Cooking/Barbecue Facilities: Vacation time is perfect for doing stress-free cooking for your friends and family. You can also save a lot as you will not have to eat out at the local restaurants all the time. Look for a beach house that offers cooking and barbecue facilities. Having an oven and refrigerator is a plus point.

Laundry services: Choose a vacation rental that provides a washer or dryer. This eventually means you have the option of packing in lesser luggage. When you go to the beach with your kids, their clothes are bound to get dirty. So, inquire beforehand whether your beach vacation rental will have a laundry facility or not.

Safety: Safety has to be an important consideration while deciding a vacation rental home Make sure the apartment has surveillance systems at the entrance. Also, all the locks should have exclusive codes so that no outsider is able to open them.

If you are looking for a beach home for rent in Corpus Christi, TX, contact The Rental Management Company. We offer a wide range of vacation rental properties across the city. For more information, you can call us at (361) 949 – 9050.

Preparing Your Corpus Christi Rental Home For Winters

Renting your vacation home during the winter months can be a difficult task. However, with prior preparation you can attract potential tenants to your home. There are a number of families who love to travel even during the winter season in order to take a short break from the routine life. So, you need to make your vacation home exemplary for them.

Here are some tips that can make your vacation rental appealing to the tenants.

  • Effective marketing is a must: When advertizing your rental home, make sure you include high quality pictures and catchy descriptions in order to attract the attention of Corpus Christi Rental Homespeople. Apart from this, add some photos of your property clicked during the summer and winter season.
  • Give off-season discounts: People expect attractive discounts on rental home stays during the winter season. You can present special packages for large traveler groups or long-term tenants. For instance you can offer a ‘Get one night free on three nights’ deal. Also, you have the option to cut down on the rent significantly to make you home appealing to the potential tenants.
  • Reduce the minimum stay time: You must not limit your minimum stay to one week. This will keep the potential renters away from your home. Let them decide the amount of time they want to stay.
  • Add winter features to your home: You need to spend some amount of money to upgrade your vacation rental for the winter season. You can add features such as a hot tub, sauna or a fireplace. Adding these facilities will significantly increase your bookings in the winter months.  Add elements to your rental home that complement the winter season. For instance, you can put up a Christmas tree and lay out a selection of seasonal DVDs.
  • Make arrangement in case of snow: Your vacation property should be equipped with a snow shovel, ice melt and a windshield ice scraper. Your tenants should have a pleasant stay in case it snows in your area. Also, you should stack up food items in your home because bad weather can compel renters to stay inside. Have an extra set of movie DVDs and books to keep the tenants engaged.

For more tips on renting your vacation rental home for winters, contact The Rental Management Company. For details, you can call us at (361) 949 – 9050 or visit our office at 14613 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418.

Tips To Make Your Vacation Home Look Bigger

Lack of space is one of the major concerns faced by most vacation rental owners. Travelers often look for spacious homes where they can stay comfortably during their vacation. However, you need not invest in costly and time consuming renovations to create space in your vacation home. Following some ingenious tricks to furnish the space can also help to catch the attention of potential tenants.

Here are some tips that can help to make your vacation home look bigger:

  • Get Rid Of Clutter: You can efficiently give an aiCorpus Christi Rental Homesry feel to your home by opting for minimalist décor. Remove bulky furniture items or those that you use barely. Large decorative items can also render a cramped look to a room. Therefore, you should include only those items that are absolutely necessary to decorate your vacation home.
  • Paint With Light Colors: While painting your vacation home, you should go for lighter and neutral shades, such as white, beige, cream etc. These colors reflect light and create an illusion of more space. Bright colored walls will not only make the room look smaller, but may also drive off many potential tenants.
  • Utilize Vertical Space: Floor to ceiling shelves allow you to clear floor clutter and make the most out of the unused vertical space in your vacation home. Wall mounted shelves can work best in kitchens, living rooms as well as bedrooms and make the ceilings appear higher.
  • Use Mirrors: As mirrors reflect light, they can surely make a small room look larger. Placing a large sized vertical mirror opposite a window or against the wall can make the room look to be doubled in size. Make sure you choose full length mirror with thin or no frame at all.
  • Choose Furniture Wisely: While choosing furniture for your vacation rental home, you should go for the ones that maximize space while providing sufficient seating area. You can also buy multi-functional furniture that serves more than one purpose, such as a sofa bed. Furniture with minimal detailing and light colored finish are a good option for a small home.
  • Allow Sufficient Lighting: Make sure your vacation rental home is adequately lit. Having a large window or bay area will brighten the room and draw the eye out to the landscape. Dim lighting will give a dull look and make your home appear even smaller.

We, at The Rental Management Company, can help to stage your vacation home in order to increase bookings. For more information, you can call us at (361) 949 – 9050 or visit our office at 14613 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418.

Finding The Perfect Vacation Rental Home In Corpus Christi

Finding the perfect vacation rental home is certainly not easy, but there ae always ways that can help you have a great holiday experience without breaking your budget. With the increasing popularity of vacation rentals and thousands of properties listing online, being organized is the key to making an informed decision.

Here are some tips that can help you find a suitable vacation rental home:

  • Calculate Your Budget: Before you set out on your search, it is important to have a definite budget at haCorpus Christi Rental Homesnd. Set aside funds for traveling, shopping and recreational activities to evaluate the amount you want to spend on accommodation. Once you have set a budget, you streamline your search for a vacation rental home.
  • Assess Your Requirements: You should carefully assess your as well as your co-travelers’ needs to find a vacation rental home that satisfactorily meets the criterion. Decide on the type of property you want to rent, such as a condo, single family house, townhome or an apartment. Next, you should evaluate your requirements for location, occupancy, pet policy, duration and time of stay etc.
  • Confirm Location: If you are visiting the place for the first time, you might not have a clear idea about the vacation home’s location. Hence, you should get in touch with the landlord or the property management company to confirm if the home has a close proximity to major tourist spots, shopping malls, healthcare facilities and other conveniences.
  • Decide Amenities: The vacation rental home should be fully equipped to provide you a comfortable stay during the holiday. You should choose a property that offers a wide range of useful amenities within your budget. These may include a swimming pool, boat/ trailer parking, internet, fenced yard, elevator, hot tub, sleeper sofa, TV, washer, dryer, DVD player, patio, balcony, canal/ beach view etc.
  • Read The Agreement: You should carefully read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement before finalizing the deal. It should clearly mention the rent amount, check-in and check-out dates, pet policy, amenities provided, number of occupants, maintenance liabilities and services included in the rent. You should clarify all the queries with the landlord to ensure a convenient stay during the vacation.

If you are looking for a vacation rental home in Corpus Christi, contact The Rental Management Company. Our agents will analyze your requirements and help you choose the perfect rental home to make your holiday memorable. For more information, you can call us at (361) 949 – 9050 or visit our office at 14613 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418.

Booking A Corpus Christi Vacation Rental: Mistakes To Avoid

The trend of vacation rentals is becoming increasingly popular with a large number of families opting for an affordable accommodation option. However, it must be kept in mind that booking a vacation rental is not the same as a hotel room. You need to consider a lot of important things to make sure that you are booking a vacation home that suits your and your co-travelers’ requirements.

Here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid while booking your vacation home:

  • Not Knowing The Location: Many a times, the pCorpus Christi Rental Homesrecise location of the vacation rental home is not mentioned on the online listings. If you are visiting the place for the first time, you may not be aware of the area and the facilities nearby. In such a case, you can use the mapping services/applications to determine the exact location of the property you are planning to rent. You can also call the landlord or the property management company to know about the locality.
  • Ignoring Reviews: Before booking a vacation rental home, ensure that you go through the reviews of the property. Do not check just the ratings of the holiday home. Rather, you should read complete reviews to get in-depth details about the property.
  • Not Checking Availability: Vacation rental owners may not update the availability calendar on online listings. Therefore, you need to confirm about the booking dates from the landlord. Even if the online listing mentions that the calendar has been updated recently, you can still make the effort of sending an email to the landlord to verify your booking. Alternatively, you can also give a phone call to the property management company and confirm the move-in and move-out dates.
  • Not Going Through Descriptions: The descriptions of the vacation rental homes should not be just skimmed through. You must read all the details provided therein, including location, size, occupancy, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pet amenities offered etc.
  • Not Verifying Amenities: There are a number of vacation rentals that provide even the smallest of amenities. However, you must not assume the facilities that will be included in the home. For instance, if you expect laundry facilities or a dishwasher in the kitchen, make sure you confirm about the same from the landlord before booking.
  • Hiding Personal Details: It is important to furnish all your details in an honest manner while booking the vacation rental home. These may include the total number of people checking-in or any accompanying pets. Concealing any important details, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can result in cancellation of booking.

We, at The Rental Management Company, provide affordable and well maintained vacation rental homes in Corpus Christi, TX. For more information, you can call us at (361) 949 – 9050.