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Tips On Staying Safe In Your North Padre Island Condo Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that has engulfed the world, requires everyone to stay at home for the safety of one and all. This change in routine and the requirement to stay indoors albeit challenging may be necessary for a couple of months. To stay safe during this period, there are some precautions that people of every age group should adhere to.

If you are staying in a condo in North Padre Island, following are some tips to stay safe and prevent a coronavirus infection:

  • Things To Do: Start with educating yourself on things you need to do in order to prevent an infection. The basics are wearing a mask before stepping out of your home, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from those around you when outside or if within the vicinity of a COVID-19 patient, washing your hands thoroughly, disinfecting your phone, avoiding unnecessary travel and following healthcare guidelines.
  • Work From Home: For your safety, consider working from your condo and make the necessary arrangements to do so seamlessly. Increase your productivity by using noise cancellation headphones, blue light filter glasses, an adjustable laptop stand, avoid working in bed and take breaks every 75 – 90 minutes. You can also set up a small office corner in your condo.
  • Cook At Home: If you have to order food from outside, be very selective about food delivery services and emphasize on contactless drop-offs. However, the safest option is to make your own meals, freeze meals for later, learn new recipes online, etc.
  • Keep Kids Busy: If you have kids, look for innovative and interesting ways to keep them busy indoors. Explore websites offering free online classes, indulge in interesting art and craft activities with them, read online books, watch movies, etc.
  • Mental Health: Staying indoors and constantly listening to and reading about the pandemic can cause mental fatigue and anxiety in many. To avoid this, take breaks from news on social media, focus on activities you like, socialize with friends and family over the phone, take care of your indoor plants, read a book you love, sleep on time and exercise.
  • Workout At Home: You need not go outside or to the gym for exercise as there are many alternatives that can give you equally good results. Working out at your condo is a safe and effective fitness option during the pandemic as it avoids contact with potential suspects of the virus in gyms, yoga studios, parks, etc. Explore online workout videos, take online yoga classes, and download workout apps to formulate a workout regimen that is suitable for you.

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